About Us

We are two nasty gals with a passion for reading!

The two nasty gals behind this blog are Fresiako and Shookitha.  Originally brought together by a mutual love for some unnamed series, these two hoes first found each other on Goodreads. The wild pair decided to join forces after a series of shocking events and twists and turns. Both hoes went from fans to targets of a fandom. Sisters in persecution, we came together to create this book blog. This blog is for all the people who have had their name smeared over an HONEST personal book review!

On our blog we will only ever tell the truth about what we thought of the book, good or bad. If we thought it was bad we’re gonna let ya know! A good review from us cannot be bought. (At least not yet a girl’s gotta eat too u kno hohoho). 

Fresiako’s bio: The wild Fresiako is a product of the Outback (not steakhouse). Like her kangaroo counterparts she refuses to be tamed. Fresiako’s hobbies include wig snatching, lurking, misandry, drama thirsting and occasionally writing sexually sadistic fanfiction. The self proclaimed G R R Martin and Shookitha-proclaimed Tina Belcher of fanfic has had a lifelong fascination with buttocks that is well documented.

Shookitha’s bio: The mysterious Shookitha goes by many names. She likes to be called Shookitha Tea in formal settings. Her hobbies include illegal racebending of allegedly white book characters, fictional and nonfictional rapist shaming, drinking and spilling the tea, finding unnervingly and eerily accurate gifs, and sugar daddy baiting while listening to Lana Del Rey. A former queen of myspace, she still retains a mass amount of html knowledge. But sadly as you can see from our theme here, WordPress doesn’t let broke hoes input their own html layouts for free. Shookitha’s name both refers to the action of being shookith and making someone else shookith. Shookitha’s named after her great grandfather on the maternal side.

This is #thebookresistance.

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Here we will voice our 100% honest opinions on books, glowing or savage!


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